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Scrum Scrum-PSD-I : Professional Scrum Developer (PSD-I) Exam Dumps

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Exam Number : Scrum-PSD-I
Exam Name : Professional Scrum Developer (PSD-I)
Vendor Name : Scrum
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Scrum-PSD-I Exam Format | Scrum-PSD-I Course Contents | Scrum-PSD-I Course Outline | Scrum-PSD-I Exam Syllabus | Scrum-PSD-I Exam Objectives

Exam Specification:

- Exam Name: Professional Scrum Developer I (PSD I)
- Exam Code: PSD I
- Exam Duration: 60 minutes
- Exam Format: Multiple-choice, multiple-answer questions

Course Outline:

1. Introduction to Professional Scrum Developer (PSD)
- Understanding the role of a Professional Scrum Developer in an Agile development team
- Overview of the Scrum framework and its benefits for software development

2. Agile Software Development Principles and Practices
- Exploring Agile software development principles and values
- Understanding the core practices of Agile development, such as incremental delivery, continuous integration, and test-driven development

3. Scrum Framework and Roles
- Deep dive into the Scrum framework, including its events, artifacts, and roles
- Understanding the responsibilities of the Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Development Team

4. Agile Planning and Estimation
- Techniques for agile planning and estimation, such as user story mapping, relative sizing, and sprint planning
- Understanding how to create and maintain a product backlog

5. Collaborative Development and Continuous Integration
- Promoting collaboration and communication within the development team
- Implementing continuous integration practices for faster feedback and higher quality

6. Test-Driven Development (TDD)
- Understanding the principles and benefits of TDD
- Practicing TDD to ensure reliable and maintainable code

7. Refactoring and Code Quality
- Techniques for refactoring code to improve its design and maintainability
- Strategies for ensuring code quality through code reviews, automated testing, and code metrics

Exam Objectives:

1. Understand the principles and values of Agile software development.
2. Apply Scrum framework and practices in software development.
3. Collaborate effectively within a Scrum development team.
4. Use Agile planning and estimation techniques.
5. Implement continuous integration and delivery practices.
6. Apply test-driven development (TDD) principles and practices.
7. Maintain code quality through refactoring and code reviews.

Exam Syllabus:

The exam syllabus covers the following topics (but is not limited to):

- Agile software development principles and values
- Scrum framework, events, artifacts, and roles
- Agile planning and estimation techniques
- Collaborative development and continuous integration practices
- Test-driven development (TDD) principles and practices
- Code refactoring and code quality practices

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Scrum Scrum PDF Braindumps


What Is Agile Scrum Methodology?

Agile scrum methodology is used by companies of all sizes for its ability to provide high-end collaboration and efficiency for project-based work. Agile and scrum are two different methods and can be used separately; however, their combined benefits make the agile scrum methodology the most popular use of agile. Here’s the complete guide to agile scrum methodology.

Agile and scrum can be used separately, but their combined benefits make the methodology popular.

How does agile scrum work?

Agile scrum methodology is the combination of the agile philosophy and the scrum framework. Agile means “incremental, allowing teams to develop projects in small increments. Scrum is one of the many types of agile methodology, known for breaking projects down into sizable chunks called “sprints.” Agile scrum methodology is good for businesses that need to finish specific projects quickly.

Agile scrum methodology is a project management system that relies on incremental development. Each iteration consists of two- to four-week sprints, where the goal of each sprint is to build the most important features first and come out with a potentially deliverable product. More features are built into the product in subsequent sprints and are adjusted based on stakeholder and customer feedback between sprints.

Whereas other project management methods emphasize building an entire product in one operation from start to finish, agile scrum methodology focuses on delivering several iterations of a product to provide stakeholders with the highest business value in the least amount of time.

Agile scrum methodology has several benefits. First, it encourages products to be built faster, since each set of goals must be completed within each sprint’s time frame. It also requires frequent planning and goal setting, which helps the scrum team focus on the current sprint’s objectives and increase productivity.

What is agile?

Agile is a process that allows a team to more efficiently manage a project by breaking it down into several stages, each of which allows for consistent collaboration with stakeholders to promote steady improvements at every stage.

Agile lets a team manage a project more efficiently by breaking it down into several stages.

What are the values of agile?

Agile was first described in the Agile Manifesto in 2000 by a group of developers who sought out a new method of writing software. The manifesto cites four values:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan
  • What are the 12 principles of agile?

    The Agile Manifesto also enacted 12 principles in reference to software development and was later reconfigured to fit a wider perspective of users:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Early and continuous delivery
  • Embrace change
  • Frequent delivery
  • Collaboration of businesses and developers
  • Motivated individuals
  • Face-to-face conversation
  • Functional products
  • Technical excellence
  • Simplicity
  • Self-organized teams
  • Regulation, reflection and adjustment
  • What is scrum?

    In short, scrum is a framework for effective collaborations among teams working on complex products. Scrum is a type of agile technology that consists of meetings, roles, and tools to help teams working on complex projects collaborate and better structure and manage their workload. Although it is most often used by software development teams, scrum can be beneficial to any team working toward a common goal.

    Who can benefit from scrum?

    While scrum can be useful for a wide variety of businesses and projects, these are the most likely beneficiaries:

  • Complicated projects: Scrum methodology is ideal for projects that require teams to complete a backlog. Scrum breaks down each process into bite-sized chunks that can make a complex project easier.
  • Companies that value results: Scrum is also beneficial to companies that value results over the documented progress of the process. This is because scrum is focused on efficiency and innovation to drive results, rather than a detailed, rigid process.
  • Companies that cater to customers: Scrum can help companies that develop products in accordance with customer preferences and specifications. Scrum is adaptable to change, making it key when responding to customer requests.
  • What are the benefits of agile scrum methodology?

    These are some of the collective benefits of agile scrum methodology:

  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Lower costs
  • Quality improvement
  • Organizational synergy
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Customer satisfaction
  • The greatest benefit of agile scrum methodology is its flexibility. With the sprint-based model, the scrum team typically receives feedback from stakeholders after each sprint. If there are any problems or changes, the scrum team can easily and quickly adjust product goals during future sprints to provide more valuable iterations. This way, stakeholders are happier because they get exactly what they want after being involved every step of the way.

    Compare this with traditional project management systems, in which stakeholders do not provide frequent feedback and time is wasted making changes to the product halfway through development – or worse, such as the teams needing to start from scratch after the product has already been built.

    To implement agile scrum methodology, there must be either a scrum expert in the company or an outside consultant to ensure scrum principles are being applied correctly. Agile scrum methodology involves precise execution and could result in serious problems if not done properly.

    To implement agile scrum, you’ll need an expert in your company or an outside consultant.

    What are the different roles in agile scrum methodology?

    Agile scrum methodology consists of two sets of roles: core roles, known as “pigs,” and ancillary roles, known as “chickens.”

    There are three core roles: scrum master, product owner and scrum team. All of these people are committed to the scrum project.

  • Scrum master: The scrum master is the facilitator of the scrum development process. In addition to holding daily meetings with the scrum team, the scrum master makes certain that scrum rules are being enforced and applied as intended. The scrum master’s responsibilities also include coaching and motivating the team, removing impediments to sprints, and ensuring that the team has the best possible conditions to meet its goals and produce deliverable products.
  • Product owner: The product owner represents stakeholders, who are typically customers. To ensure the scrum team is always delivering value to stakeholders and the business, the product owner determines product expectations, records changes to the product and administers a scrum backlog, a detailed and constantly updated to-do list for the scrum project. The product owner is also responsible for prioritizing goals for each sprint, based on their value to stakeholders, such that the most important and deliverable features are built in each iteration.
  • Scrum team: The scrum team is a self-organized group of three to nine individuals who have the business, design, analytical and development skills to carry out the actual work, solve problems and produce deliverable products. Members of the scrum team self-administer tasks and are jointly responsible for meeting each sprint’s goals.
  • Ancillary roles, on the other hand, are other stakeholders who are involved in, but not committed to, the scrum project. Typically, ancillary roles consist of customers, management and members of the executive team who are involved for the purpose of consulting, reporting progress and gathering feedback to better work toward delivering the highest value possible.

    What is the training for scrum and agile?

    Managers and employees can enroll in training for both agile and scrum through various online and in-person courses. Many educational training courses result in certification in agile or scrum methodologies. Agile training provides the trainee with the basic knowledge of agile and how to implement it to the rest of their team. Scrum provides similar training, including the basic agile overview; however, the training caters to the scrum framework.

    To become a certified scrum master (CSM) or certified scrum product owner (CSPO), you must first prepare and learn the basic details of scrum through videos or a simple internet search. Next, find a suitable CSM or CSPO course, either through your workplace or another internet search. Once you’ve completed the course, you usually have to pass an exam to become certified. After certification, you’re able to lead your team through the scrum process or provide scrum product details.

    What are the differences between scrum and agile?

    Although scrum and agile are similar, they have some key differences:

  • Scrum values rigidity, whereas agile is more flexible.
  • Agile leaders play a vital role, while scrum promotes a cross-functional team that is self-functioning.
  • Agile involves face-to-face interactions between cross-functional team members, while scrum involves daily stand-up meetings.
  • Agile is meant to be kept simple, while scrum can be innovative and experimental.
  • Scrum delivers shorter, separate projects, while agile delivers everything at the end of the process.
  • Sara Angeles contributed to the writing and research in this article.

    Benefits of Agile Methodology & Scrum Processes

    women at board with post its

    Agile processes are focused on the rapid and repeatable delivery of products or projects. Today, more and more companies across industries—including IT, manufacturing, marketing and communications, healthcare, and construction—are implementing Agile methodologies and development practices to help improve project management skills and stay competitive. For Agile to be effective and to maximize business value, they depend on continuous iterative planning and feedback loops—and the Scrum process allows you to do so quickly and effectively.

    Traditional waterfall project management assumes you will map everything from the beginning through one streamlined process. Agile reflects the changing nature of requirements and feedback throughout the process of project delivery. It is a methodology where you apply an iterative approach to project management. Instead of delivering a final product to a client at an end deadline, you are constantly consulting with the client and stakeholders throughout smaller deliveries and feedback sessions or “sprints.” Living up to its name, Agile project management allows you to be nimble and responsive to the changing needs of your client and your team.

    Scrum is an implementation of the Agile methodology. A Scrum meeting is focused on how you organize team roles, update client feedback and the latest changes in requirements. During this process, teams regroup to make sure the project is on task, on time and on budget. During Scrum meetings, project leaders and teams identify the steps, resources and personnel needed to complete a task.

    Why Use Agile Methodology & Scrum Processes?
  • Faster results Agile allows you faster product releases and ability to adapt to customer response and client feedback. Agile has a greater ability to guarantee project completion on time and on budget. Rather than responding to bulk feedback or a change in client needs by the time of final delivery, Agile helps your team to adapt and deliver throughout the development process.
  • Improved teamwork and communication

    The Agile methodology places a value on person-to-person interaction and is dependent on open, regular communication. In an Agile Scrum project, teams come together on a daily basis to work through changes and share updates on each team member’s progress. 

  • Risk and waste aversion The frequent touch points throughout the Agile Scrum process ensures that client needs, even as they evolve, are met while still ensuring that project team time and resources are optimized. 
  • 71 percent of companies are using Agile Scrum to improve efficiency and increased product-to-market timeframes
  • Agile is a methodology and Scrum is a process within Agile
  • Agile frameworks help companies accelerate time to market, increase productivity and respond to changes in priorities 
  • Agile Scrum is growing beyond IT and taking hold in diverse industries, such as:
  • Manufacturing
  • Media and communications
  • Healthcare
  • Construction and infrastructure
  • Ready to explore Agile Scrum training?

    Drexel’s Goodwin College of Professional Studies offers professional pathways and courses to get up to speed about Agile Scrum. You can take two-day courses, ranging from beginner to advanced levels here on campus. Or, you can explore a professional skill track in Agile project management that includes on-campus courses and online essential skill training through The Skills Hub.

    If your company is using waterfall and exploring adopting Agile, consider about Agile project management with Scrum training for your employees. Talk to us about getting a complimentary training skills gap analysis and their multiple employee discount.

    Best Scrum developer certifications

    Best Scrum developer certifications

    As big tech companies including Twitter and Facebook lay off thousands of programmers, the job market becomes increasingly competitive.

    As such, developers who seek gainful employment and top-tier compensation must find ways to set themselves apart from the crowd. One of the ways to do that is to complement your education and work experience with certifications that are highly in demand and respected in the industry you’re in.

    For Scrum developers who wish to find work on cross-functional and self-managed Agile teams, here are the top 5 Scrum developer certifications:

  • Professional Scrum Developer Certification
  • Certified Cloud Developer
  • Certified Java Programmer
  • Certified DevOps Engineer
  • Certified Kubernetes Professional
  • Scrum Commitment and Values

    A certified Scrum developer understands the importance of the five, core Scrum values.

    Professional Scrum Developer Certification

    Employers want developers that are immediately productive. They don’t want to waste time explaining software development processes and procedures to new hires.

    When a Professional Scrum Developer Certification appears on a programmer’s resume, an employer knows that the application fully understands the following:

  • the intricacies of iterative and incremental development;
  • the importance of the product backlog;
  • what to do during the daily Scrum; and
  • how to participate on a cross-functional team.
  • Relatively few programmers are certified as Scrum developers. A developer this certification on their really stands out from the crowd.

    Developer certifications in Scrum can be obtained by several organizations, but the premier designation comes from

    Certified cloud developer

    Modern software development happens in the cloud.

    A productive software developer on a Scrum teams must know how to provision cloud-based resources, troubleshoot code in the cloud and overcome cloud-based security and firewall issues.

    Employers know that the ability to develop and manage cloud-based applications is essential to modern-day businesses. A cloud developer certification on an applicant’s resume tells the hiring manager that you understand and can take full advantage of the benefits of cloud computing for a software development team.

    All of the major cloud vendors offer a cloud developer certification. Cloud developer certifications from Google, Amazon and Oracle are all held in high regard.

    Certified Java Programmer

    Organizations expect a software developer on a Scrum team to know how to write code. Therefore, every Scrum developer should have a some type of a programming language certification on their resume.

    For example, I like to see a Certified Java Programmer designation from Oracle on a resume, even if a company’s main language is Python or JavaScript.

    A Java programmer certification proves a developer knows the following:

  • programming fundamentals
  • object-oriented concepts
  • functional programming
  • common design patterns
  • Industry-recognized certifications in other languages, such C# from Microsoft, also demonstrate to potential employers that you have a strong grasp of programming fundamentals.

    Certified DevOps Engineer

    Agile’s highest priority is the continuous delivery of software.

    An Agile Scrum developer must understand the toolchain that enables continuous software delivery. DevOps certifications proves one’s knowledge of that toolchain.

    The two most highly coveted DevOps certifications come from Amazon and Google. Both are considered ‘Professional’ designations, which means they go further in depth than introductory or associate certs.

    Both the AWS and GCP certifications cover the same breadth of topics, including how to:

  • implement and manage continuous software delivery systems;
  • integrate with version control tools including Git and GitHub;
  • create resources with infrastructure-as-code tools such as Terraform;
  • deploy monitoring, logging and metrics gathering systems; and
  • manage Docker- and Kubernetes-based deployments at scale.
  • A Scrum developer certified by Amazon or Google as a DevOps Engineer brings a qualification to the table that few other job applicants possess.

    Agile and DevOps Differences

    The DevOps infinity loop shows an iterative dev process often embraced by Agile teams.

    Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD)

    A Kubernetes certification is rare, but it’s definitely a plus.

    A developer with strong knowledge of cloud-native computing, 12 factor app development and the limitations of Docker and Kubernetes will help streamline an organization’s microservices development and play a key role in its digital transformation efforts.

    The CKAD designation is provided through the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, a highly respected open source organization in the cloud native computing space. Scrum developers with this certification have proof of competency in the following areas:

    Scrum development teams that build cloud-native applications that are managed at runtime by Kubernetes will be well-served to have a Certified Kubernetes Application Developer.

    Scrum developer certification benefits

    In a competitive job market, it is important to stay ahead of your competition. With these five Scrum developer certifications on your resume, you will find your Agile development skills in great demand.


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