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Exam Number : APMLE
Exam Name : Podiatry and Medical
Vendor Name : Medical
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APMLE Exam Format | APMLE Course Contents | APMLE Course Outline | APMLE Exam Syllabus | APMLE Exam Objectives

The Part I examination samples the candidates knowledge in the basic science areas of General Anatomy, including embryology, histology, genetics, and geriatrics; Lower Extremity Anatomy; Biochemistry; Physiology; Microbiology and Immunology; Pathology; and Pharmacology. A separate Candidate Information Bulletin for the Part I exam is available online at

The Part II written examination samples the candidates knowledge in the clinical areas of Medicine; Radiology; Orthopedics, Biomechanics and Sports Medicine; Anesthesia and Surgery; and Community Health, Jurisprudence, and Research. A separate Candidate Information Bulletin for the Part II written exam is available online at Performance on the Part II written examination does not impact eligibility for the Part II CSPE.

The Part II Clinical Skills Patient Encounter (Part II CSPE) assesses proficiency in podiatric clinical tasks needed to enter residency. Candidates will be expected to perform a focused physical examination including podiatric and general medicine physical exam maneuvers appropriate for each patient presentation. Podiatric and general medical knowledge, verbal and written communication, and interpersonal skills will be assessed in each exam form. Performance on the Part II CSPE does not impact eligibility for the Part II written examination.

The Part III examination is designed to determine whether a candidates knowledge and clinical skills are adequate for safe, unsupervised practice. The Part III examination samples the candidates clinical skills in evaluating, diagnosing, and treating patients. Examples of the application of knowledge may be measured through photographs, radiographs and case presentations. A separate Candidate Information Bulletin for the Part III exam is available online at

Part I and II

Podiatric Medical College Faculty submit questions (with accompanying references) to Prometric.

The pool of questions (items) are reviewed by a panel of practicing podiatric physicians and two podiatric medical school faculty in each content area.

The primary responsibility of the faculty is clarity and a current reference check.

The primary responsibility of the DPM members is what is the relationship between the item and the tasks performed by a DPM in practice=>

priority with regard importance in practice.

estimated difficulty-Is it easy, medium or hard=>

For Part I, the questions (items) also are reviewed by a content specialist in one of the basic sciences for accuracy and currency. This individual is a medical school faculty member.

Prometric assembles the test from approved questions according to the content specification.

Part III

Items are written and reviewed by panels of DPM practitioners who have been trained how to prepare effective test items. A second panel of DPMs reviews each form of the test before it is published.

Post Test Administration

Double Scoring Ensures Accuracy

At the examinee level, each computer-based test undergoes two independent scorings. Each test is first scored at the testing site and subsequently rescored when the data arrive back at Prometric. If scores do not match exactly, the examinees record is held until the results can be reconciled. Irregularities that may have occurred at the testing site are also noted and any examinees who may have experienced irregular testing conditions at the test site (such as hardware or software failures or power interruptions) receive a thorough review of their responses. Scores for these examinees are not released until all irregular conditions are given consideration and resolution processing rules are applied fairly to ensure equity in the test administration process.

Item Analysis

Each item is statistically analyzed to determine how many candidates answered correctly and whether the item discriminated between the high and low scoring candidates (the high scoring candidates answered correctly and the low scoring candidates did not). If the item is “flagged”, content experts review each of the flagged items for accuracy.

Deans Report

At the conclusion of the above analyses and after the scores are mailed to the candidates, each dean receives a report, which compares the performance for first time candidates at that school with the national examination data.

Score Reliability

Reliability refers to the consistency of test scores, the consistency with which candidates are classified as either passing or failing, and the degree to which test scores are free from errors of measurement. Errors of measurement result from factors not related to the test, factors such as fatigue or heightened attention, personal interests and other characteristics not related to the test. A persons score will not be perfectly consistent from one occasion to the next as a result of measurement error.

Determination of Passing Scores

The National Board and its test consultant, Prometric, use a widely-accepted criterion-referenced approach to determine passing scores known as the Angoff Method. The important feature of criterion-referenced standard setting is that it is based on an expected level of competence regardless of how many candidates in a particular group pass or fail. This is distinguished from a norm-referenced approach in which a set proportion of test takers fall above or below the passing score.

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FPGAs have gone from being a niche product for people with big budgets to something that every electronics experimenter ought to have in their toolbox. I am always surprised at how many people I meet who tell me they are interested in using FPGAs but they haven’t started. If you’ve been looking for an easy way to get started with FPGAs, Hackaday’s FPGA boot camp is for you. There’s even a chat in the group specifically for FPGA talk for questions and general discussion!

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These boot camps gather together some of the material you seen spread over many articles here before, plus new material to flesh it out. It’s designed for you to work through more like a training class than just some text to read. There’s plenty of screenshots and even animations to help you see what you are supposed to be doing. You’ll be able to work with simulations to see how the circuits they talk about work, make changes, and see the results. We’ll focus on Verilog — at least for now — as it is close to C and easier for people who know C to pick up. Still not convinced? Let’s run though the gist of the boot camp series.

Both Simulation and Hardware

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It is cheap (well under $30), has everything you need including a USB programming interface, and there are open source tools. So it makes sense to pick one of these up even if you want to move on to a different FPGA later. Besides, you can always repurpose the board as a logic analyzer once you’ve outgrown it. However, you can go through the first three with no hardware, and you can still follow along on number 4, even if you don’t have the hardware to do the actual work.

What You’ll Find In Each Boot Camp

If you know nothing about digital logic, you probably want to start with Boot Camp 0. By the time you are done with that, you should understand basic logic gates, combinatorial logic, flip flops, and sequential logic. There’s no real FPGA content there, and if you know the difference between a D and a JK flip flop, what setup and hold times are, and how to create a simple state machine, you can probably skip this one.

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One thing that sets Hackaday and apart is that they are a very interactive community. So in addition to the comments they are sure to get, we’d also like your help in a few other ways. If you work through these tutorials, keep track of how much time you’ve spent and let us know. We’ll eventually mark the times to help others plan in the future. In addition, let us know what else you’d like to see. Would you like to see new versions of bootcamp 3 for other FPGAs? Would you like more details about state machines, VHDL, or optimizing designs for timing? Leave your comments on the boot camp page, the tutorials page, or the FPGA chat and let us know what FPGA and non-FPGA topics you’d like to see covered in this format.

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Stanford University just schooled Congress on AI

Comment on this story Comment

STANFORD, Calif. — When artificial intelligence pioneer and Stanford professor Fei-Fei Li met with President Biden during his recent trip to Silicon Valley, she steered the conversation toward the technology’s massive upsides.

Instead of debating predictions that AI could cause humanity’s doom, Li said, she urged Biden to make a “serious investment” in maintaining America’s research lead and developing “truly benevolent applications of AI.”

On Wednesday morning, Li was on seated on a small stage in a stately dining hall on Stanford’s serene Palo Alto campus, next to Condoleezza Rice, the director of Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, a conservative think tank. The women were discussing AI’s impact on democracy, the final panel in a three-day boot camp on the technology.

In front of them, a bipartisan audience of more than two dozen D.C. policy analysts, lawyers and chiefs of staff sat in their assigned seats, cutting into their individual fruit tarts.

Hosted by Stanford’s Institute for Human-Centered AI (HAI), where Li serves as co-director, the event offered a crash course on AI’s benefits and risks for information-starved staffers staring down the possibility of legislating a fast-moving technology in the middle of a gold rush.

Hundreds of Capitol Hill denizens applied for the camp’s 28 slots, a 40 percent increase from 2022. Attendees included aides for Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) and Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.), as well as policy analysts and lawyers for House and Senate committees on commerce, foreign affairs, strategic trade with China and more.

Stanford’s boot camp for legislators began in 2014 with a focus on cybersecurity. As the race to build generative AI sped up, the camp pivoted exclusively to AI last year.

The curriculum covered AI’s potential to reshape education and health care, a primer on deepfakes, as well as a crisis simulation where participants had to use AI to respond to a national security threat in Taiwan.

“We’re not here to tell them how they should legislate,” said HAI’s director of policy, Russell Wald. “We’re simply here to just give them the information.” Faculty members disagreed with one another and directly challenged corporations, said Wald, pointing to a session on tech addiction and another on the perils of collecting the data necessary to fuel AI.

But for an academic event, the camp was also inextricably tied to industry. Li has done stints at Google Cloud and as a Twitter board member. Google’s AI ambassador, James Manyika, spoke at a fireside chat. Executives from Meta and Anthropic spoke to the audience Wednesday afternoon for the camp’s final session, discussing the role industry can play in shaping AI policy. HAI’s donors include LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, a Democratic megadonor whose start-up, Inflection AI, released a personalized chatbot in May.

The cost of the boot camp was primarily paid for by the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation, said Wald, who said his division of HAI does not take corporate funding.

Reporters were only allowed to attend the closing festivities on the condition that they not name nor quote congressional aides to allow them to speak freely.

The boot camp is one of many behind-the-scenes efforts to educate Congress since ChatGPT launched in November. Chastened by years of inaction on social media, regulators are trying to get up to speed on generative AI. These all-purpose systems, trained on large amounts of internet-scraped data, can be used to spin up computer code, designer proteins, college essays or short films based on user’s commands.

Back in D.C., legislators are crafting guardrails around this technology. The White House is preparing an AI-related executive order and introduced a voluntary pledge instructing AI companies to identify manipulated media, while Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) is commandeering an “all hands on deck” effort to write new rules for AI.

Even among experts, however, there is little consensus around the limitations and social impact of the latest AI models, raising concerns including exploitation of artists, child safety and disinformation campaigns.

Tech companies, billionaire tech philanthropists and other special interest groups have seized on this uncertainty — hoping to shape federal policies and priorities by shifting the way lawmakers understand AI’s true potential.

Civil society groups, who also want to present lawmakers with their perspective, don’t have access to the same resources, said Suresh Venkatasubramanian, a former adviser to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and a professor at Brown University, who engages on these issues alongside the nonprofit Algorithmic Justice League.

“One thing they have learned over the years is that they honestly do not know about the harms — about impacts of technology — until they talk to the people who experience those harms,” Venkatasubramanian said. “This is what civil society tries to do, bring the harms front and center,” as well as the benefits, when appropriate, he said.

During a Q&A with Meta and Anthropic, a legislative director for a House Republican said the group had seen a presentation on how effective AI could be at pushing misinformation and disinformation. In light of that, he asked the panel, what should AI companies do before the 2024 election?

Anthropic co-founder Jack Clark said it would be helpful if AI companies received FBI briefings or other intel on election-rigging efforts so that companies know what terms to look for.

“You’re in this cat-and-mouse game with people trying to subvert your platform,” Clark said.

During the panel on AI and democracy, Li said her hope when co-founding HAI was to work closely with Stanford’s policy centers, such as the Hoover Institution, adding that she and Rice discuss the implications of AI in the hands of authoritarian regimes when they have drinks. “Wine time,” Rice said, clarifying.

By the end of their talk, Stanford’s ability to sway Washington sounded almost as powerful as any tech giant. After Rice commented that “a lot of the world feels like this is being done to them,” Li shared that she visited the State Department a couple months ago and tried to emphasize the boon this technology could be to the health-care and agriculture sectors. It was important to communicate those benefits to the global population, Li said.


This story has been updated to reflect that the White House is preparing an AI-related executive order and has already introduced voluntary company pledge.


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