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NI CLAD : Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer (CLAD) Exam Dumps

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Exam Number : CLAD
Exam Name : Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer (CLAD)
Vendor Name : NI
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CLAD Exam Format | CLAD Course Contents | CLAD Course Outline | CLAD Exam Syllabus | CLAD Exam Objectives

The best preparation for this exam is LabVIEW programming experience applying the concepts presented in LabVIEW Core1 and Core2 courses. Class attendance alone will not be sufficient. Typical CLAD candidates have taken NIs LabVIEW Core 1 and Core 2 courses (or equivalent) and have at least 6 to 9 months of experience using LabVIEW.

This prep guide provides an overview of the exam, including exam logistics and coverage. The relevant knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) tested by the CLAD exam are listed in the KSAs: Knowledge, Skills and Abilities tested by the CLAD section. A detailed Topic List table follows the KSA descriptions.

This prep guide also includes example questions. This is not a sample exam. The questions are included as a study aid. They reflect the scope of the CLAD exam and familiarize the test-taker with NIs approach to testing the KSAs relevant to a Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer.


A score of 70% or higher is required to pass the exam.

Individuals may take the CLAD exam at any PearsonVUE testing center by scheduling the exam at When you schedule the exam, be sure to specify whether you wish to take the exam using LabVIEW NXG or LabVIEW 20xx (where xx indicates current year). The images and terminology of the exam will reflect the LabVIEW editor you choose, but the exam content will otherwise be identical. Simply choose the LabVIEW editor with which you are most comfortable.

Passing the CLAD exam using either editor earns the same CLAD Certification.

You cannot use LabVIEW or any other resources during the exam. The CLAD exam provides screenshots from the LabVIEW environment and LabVIEW Help where appropriate. Refer to the Example Questions & Resources section for examples.

To take the exam, you must agree to a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). The NDA states that you will not copy, reproduce, or communicate any section of the exam in any form, including verbal or electronic. Failure to comply with the NDA will result in penalties ranging from a failed exam to a lifetime ban from LabVIEW Certification

The CLAD exam centers around jobs requiring programming in professional settings, including Automated Test, High-Channel-Count Data Acquisition, or Domain Support. Most of these jobs include collecting and/or processing data in the form of signals from sensors. To verify the relevant knowledge, skills and abilities, the CLAD uses an NI-DAQmx system as representative hardware. NI-DAQmx was chosen because it can be simulated on all versions of LabVIEW. If you have access to LabVIEW, you have the resources to prepare for the exam. You do not need to purchase specific hardware.

Appendix I of the document provides instructions for setting up simulated hardware sufficient for exam preparation. The appendix also includes a list of the DAQmx functions possibly used in the exam. The exam does not test DAQmx function-specific settings. The questions use NI-DAQmx to test knowledge and skills necessary for common data acquisition tasks, such as calculating sample rates, determining the correct order of operations, and programming basic file I/O.

A person using LabVIEW at the Associated Developer level will be able to:

• Use software architectures from a single VI to a simple State Machine or Event-Driven UI


• Collect data from sensors using NI Hardware.

• Use Array functions extensively to extract and manipulate a single channel of data from multiple-channel data represented by a 1D waveform array or a 2D numeric array.

• Use loops to run a test a set number of times or until a condition is met, to establish a voltage ramp, or conduct other repeated tasks.

• Create and modify SubVIs, clusters, and Type Defs to simplify their code and contribute to larger projects.

Hardware (10% of exam questions)

• Connecting Hardware: Sensors, DAQ, Devices under test (DUT.

• Acquiring and validating a signal

• Processing signals

• Using appropriate sample rates

LabVIEW Programming Environment (25% of exam questions)

• Setting up and using a LabVIEW Project to:

o Add, delete, and move elements

o Use libraries and appropriate types of folders

o Avoid cross-linking

• Data Types:

o Recognize data types on the front panel

o Recognize data types on the block diagram from terminals and wires

o Choose appropriate controls, indicators, data types, & functions for a given scenario

• Predicting order-of-execution and behavior of

o A non-looping VI

o A Simple State Machine

o An Event-driven UI Handler

o Parallel Loops (without queues)

• Using basic functions to create a simple Acquire-Analyze-Visualize application

• Troubleshooting by identifying and correcting the cause of a broken arrow or incorrect data

• Error handling using error clusters and merge error functions to ensure errors are handled well

• Navigating LabVIEW help to get more information about inputs, outputs, and functions

LabVIEW Programming Fundamentals (50% of exam questions)

• Loops

o Create continuous HW acquisition or generation loop by applying a

Open-Configure-Perform Operation-Close model.

o Retain data in shift registers

o Use input and output terminals effectively, including:

▪ Determining the last value output

▪ Indexing input and output terminals

▪ Concatenating output

▪ Using conditional output

▪ Using shift registers, both initialized and uninitialized.

o Use timing of loops appropriately, including:

▪ Software timing

▪ Hardware timing

o Use For Loops and While Loops appropriately


o View data from an n-channel HW acquisition VI (using the DAQmx Read VI) using a

waveform graph, waveform chart, or numeric/waveform array indicator.

o Extract a single channel of data (waveform or 1D Array) from a:

▪ 1D waveform array representing acquired data from multiple channels

▪ 2D numeric array representing acquired data from multiple channels

▪ 1D numeric array representing single measurement from multiple channels

o Use a For Loop with auto-indexing and conditional tunnels to:

▪ Iterate through an array

▪ Iterate processing code on each channel of data in a 1D waveform array

▪ Generate an array of data that meets required conditions

o Identify by sight and be able to use and predict the behavior of the following array

functions and VIs:

▪ Array Size

▪ Index Array

▪ Replace Subset

▪ Insert Into Array

▪ Delete From Array

▪ Initialize Array

▪ Build Array

▪ Array Subset

▪ Max & Min

▪ Sort 1D Array

▪ Search 1D Array

▪ Split 1D Array

• Writing conditional code to perform an action based on the value of a user input or a measurement result.

• Reading and Writing data to a file

o Use Open/Act/Close model for file I/O

o Write data to a text file using high-level file I/O functions

o Continuously stream data to a text file or a TDMS file

o Append data to an existing data file

o Log data using simple VIs

Acquire data from DAQmx functions

o Display data on a graph

o Save data to a CSV file

o Choose single measurement/multiple channel and single channel/multiple

measurements configurations appropriately

Programming Best Practices (15% of exam questions)

• SubVIs – Reusing Code

o Create SubVIs to increase readability and scalability of VIs

o Configure the subVI connector pane using best practices

o Choose appropriate code as a SubVI source

• Clusters – Grouping Data of Mixed Data Types

o Create, manipulate, analyze, and use cluster data in common scenarios

o Group related data by creating a cluster to improve data organization and VI readability

• Type Defs – Propagate Data Type Changes

o Create Type Defs and use Type Defs in multiple places

o Update Type Defs to propagate changes to all instances of the Type Def

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NI Certified education


NI education: Early years expansion needed, review finds

Image caption,

The review was commissioned in response to commitments contained in the New Decade New Approach deal

By Kevin Sharkey


An expansion to early years education is needed in Northern Ireland, an independent review has found.

It said two year olds should receive up to 20 hours of education per week and three year olds up to 22.5 hours.

"Increased investment will extend access and improve quality, enabling early diagnosis and intervention in cases of difficulty," it continued.

The authors said early years investment is the most effective contribution to overcome socioeconomic disadvantage.

The Independent Review of Education was commissioned in response to commitments contained in the New Decade New Approach deal, which underpinned the restoration of the Northern Ireland Executive in January 2020.

It comes as schools across Northern Ireland face massive budgetary pressures.

However, the real-terms reduction, taking inflation into account, is likely to be higher.

Image source, Getty Images Image caption,

Among the radical reforms being proposed is the eventual replacement of classroom assistants

The report, published on Wednesday, also identified failings in the provision of services for children with special educational needs (SEN).

Explaining that the system is not working as intended, the report concluded "thorough reform is urgently required".

Among the radical reforms being proposed is the eventual replacement of classroom assistants with fully trained and qualified teachers, other professionals or upskilled classroom assistants.

However, the report acknowledged there should still be a role for classroom assistants who, the authors acknowledged, provide a vital and very helpful service.

'Unviable schools'

The issue of "unviable" small schools with insufficient pupil numbers is also addressed.

The report found that a special commission should be set up to look at education, area-by-area, with a view to closing all unviable schools.

It said the proposals should come two years after the commission was established, followed by a 10-year implementation period.

Image caption,

The review has also come out against the ongoing development of a shared education campus in Omagh

Strule is the biggest school building project to be planned in Northern Ireland.

Arvalee Special School, which opened in 2016, is one of of six schools proposed for the site.

The panel said the project should cease because it believes it does not provide any educational advantage and the proposed cost cannot be justified.

Arvalee principal Jonathan Gray said he was shocked to hear the recommendation.

"We have the land, they have that space for the schools," he said. "The money has to be spent anyway, they need it out in the west, the facilities need to be enhanced for the children," he said.

Image caption,

Jonathan Gray said he is "at a loss" by a recommendation for the Strule project to cease

"I'm at a loss until I read the detail. I just don't understand it at the moment," Mr Gray continued.

Other recommendations in the report included increasing the school leaving or compulsory education age from 16 to 18.

It also wants vocational pathways for school pupils to begin at 14 years of age, alongside reforms of further and higher education to enhance collaboration with schools and universities as well as closer involvement with business and industry.

'Uplift in education budget needed'

On funding, the report found there is an immediate need to uplift the education budgets by £291m annually.

There currently is no Stormont Executive, with parties engaged in talks about its finances if it should be restored.

Education in Northern Ireland is "seriously underfunded", review panel chair Dr Keir Bloom told BBC's Talkback programme, but the quality of educational provision would provide a "fairly solid base" for reform.

Media caption,

"Northern Irish education is seriously underfunded" - Dr Keir Bloom

The director of the Association of School and College Leaders NI, John Trueman, said the report "pulls no punches" and has urged Stormont to "implement the funding recommendations set out in the report as a matter of urgency".

Education Authority chief executive Sara Long also welcomed the call for an immediate uplift in funding "following a decade of chronic underfunding".

The Controlled Schools' Support Council (CSSC) chief executive Mark Baker thanked the review panel for listening to its concerns and said education in Northern Ireland needs "evidence-based transformation".

Single department

A single education department at Stormont is another of the report's proposals. The Department of Education is currently responsible for primary and post-primary schools while the Department for the Economy oversees further and higher education institutions.

Dr Bloom said there is poor collaboration between schools and colleges due to separate funding arrangements.

A single governing body for further education colleges has also been proposed.

Mergers and academic selection

The report also recommends major reform of the curriculum and its management, and a reconfiguration of the network of schools with the potential to create new "jointly-managed community schools" by merging schools from different sectors.

This would result in around 20% of pupils being enrolled in a "jointly-managed" school by 2031.

There is a recommendation that "all learners at all stages should have the opportunity to learn alongside individuals from other communities and backgrounds in the same classroom".

Reform of the transfer of pupils from primary to post-primary schools to "reduce differences between academically selective and non-selective schools" was also proposed, with schools to take a "pupil profile approach" to selection - this could be through multiple, smaller exams rather than a single transfer test.

Image caption,

Youth assembly members Andrew Martin, Robert Moore, Oliver Mercer, Charlotte McGucken attended a launch event for the report

"It's going to need action and it's going to need an executive and assembly to implement. That's going to be up to their politicians, to have the courage to implement," junior assembly member Andrew Martin said after the report was announced.

Robert Moore said the youth assembly will be "very proactive" in urging politicians to implement these recommendations, once the executive is restored.

Learners have been "listened to" with the proposals put forward in the report, Oliver Mercer said.

"The younger that you're bringing people together... that [continues] as you get older," Charlotte McGucken said on proposals for school mergers.

NI Education: Teachers in NI to strike on 18 January

Teachers in Northern Ireland are to strike early next year in a long-running dispute over pay and conditions.

The main teaching unions, including headteachers, said their members would strike on 18 January.

It follows a full-day walkout in April and a half-day action on 29 November.

The industrial action taken by teaching unions has been mainly due to a pay dispute, with a stalemate over a deal running for more than a year.

In a statement issued on behalf of the Department of Education and Education Authority, they said they "recognise the frustration of teachers and school leaders over the ongoing absence of a pay offer".

"It is regrettable that, due to an inadequate education budget, it has not been possible for the teachers to be offered a pay award," the statement from Management Side of the Teachers' Negotiating Committee continued.

Management Side comprises representatives of all the education employing authorities, sectoral bodies and the department.

Who is striking?

The Northern Ireland Teachers' Council (NITC) has confirmed the strike will involve:

  • The National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT),

  • Ulster Teachers Union (UTU)

  • National Association of Schoolmasters and Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT)

  • National Education Union (NEU)

  • Irish National Teachers' Organisation (INTO) unions

  • The NITC said that "to date no pay offer has been made in relation to teachers' pay, and no talks around same have been tabled".

    "Almost unbelievably they are entering 2024 with no resolution to this issue since 2020 and it's now accepted at all levels that teachers' pay needs to be addressed," Jacquie White, general secretary of the UTU, said.

    'Pawns in a political game'

    Justin McCamphill of the NASUWT said "every day that passes without a decent pay offer increases the anger felt by teachers".

    "Teachers should not be pawns in a political game," he added.

    Pauline Buchanan and Mark Langhammer, joint regional secretaries of NEU said the Independent Review of Education "confirmed that their education system has been grossly under-funded for years".

    They said teachers' pay was "falling behind and strike action is the inevitable consequence".

    Mark McTaggart of INTO demanded "that the necessary funding is immediately released to resolve the issue of teachers' pay".

    "A just pay solution cannot be dependent on the action or inaction of any politician or political party."

    Schools have already been disrupted by previous industrial action

    Liam McGuckin, NAHT's Northern Ireland president, said that "failure to address teacher and school leader pay" or "make any progress on the clearly understood workload issues" had led to this situation.

    Teachers in Northern Ireland have not had a pay increase for almost three years.

    Many teachers in England, Scotland and Wales now earn thousands of pounds more than their counterparts in Northern Ireland at the same grade.

    Northern Ireland Secretary Chris Heaton-Harris has been engaged in talks with Stormont's largest parties this week about the restoration of the executive, with a £2.5bn financial package on offer from the government.

    This would include provision for public sector pay increases.

    But with the current plan to seal a Stormont deal not expected to happen before Christmas, it is unclear if a pay figure can be proposed.

    NI education: Plea to government to end 'chronic underfunding'

    The heads of Northern Ireland's main education bodies have urged an end to "chronic underfunding".

    In a letter to the Northern Ireland secretary, the seven chief executives listed issues they said were affecting education.

    Chris Heaton-Harris is in charge of NI's finances and set Stormont's budget as the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) boycott of power sharing continues.

    On Thursday, the chief executives of the seven main education bodies outlined their concerns to Mr Heaton-Harris.

    They said they were writing to implore him to "end this cycle" of underfunding and "treat their children and young people equitably".

    They cited problems in the sector including ongoing industrial action by staff over pay, inadequate funding for the fabric of the school estate and an increasing demand for support for young people with special educational needs.

    "This is having an impact on all those in their schools but specifically the most vulnerable, marginalised and deprived," the letter added.

    "In spite of these many pressures, staff right across the education system, both teaching and non-teaching, continue to deliver for their children.

    "Their commitment and dedication to young people and wider school communities in the face of unprecedented challenges and difficulties is outstanding. Without these staff, their system would not operate."

    The seven chief executives are:

    The leaders collectively repeated a call for "sustained investment, fair pay for all their staff and continued investment in the transformation of services".

    They said that in their roles they had already taken steps to reduce spending but they remained concerned that " without equitable investment", outcomes for all their children and young people would be compromised.

    And they warned the Northern Ireland secretary: "As they move into 2024 they would ask you, as you continue to oversee the financial allocation to and within Northern Ireland, to remember that education is not an optional extra but is the foundation upon which a peaceful Northern Ireland is built.

    "It is critical that education in Northern Ireland is funded equitably in line with other UK regions."

    They also pointed to £75m announced in the Chancellor's autumn statement for Northern Ireland in November, and said they were concerned it was being used to repay a previous budget overspend "rather than the much-needed investment required in public services".

    "This decision penalises the children of today and tomorrow. A child in Strabane should be entitled to the same level of investment as a child in Sunderland, Swansea or Stirling," the letter added.

    The chief executives asked Mr Heaton-Harris to meet them to discuss the challenges facing the education sector, which they warned will "remain the position" into 2024 and beyond.

    A Northern Ireland Office Spokesperson said: "This year's budget allocation from the UK Government gave the Northern Ireland Department of Education a total allocation of £2.6 billion.

    "The decisions required to manage this budget continue to rest with the Northern Ireland departments.

    "We continue to call on NI parties to restore a locally elected, accountable and effective devolved government as soon as possible, which is the best way to govern Northern Ireland".


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