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Exam Number : SVC-19A
Exam Name : Apple Service Fundamentals Exam
Vendor Name : Apple
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SVC-19A Exam Format | SVC-19A Course Contents | SVC-19A Course Outline | SVC-19A Exam Syllabus | SVC-19A Exam Objectives

Exam Details:
- Number of Questions: The SVC-19A (Apple Service Fundamentals) exam typically consists of multiple-choice questions. The exact number of questions may vary, but it is typically around 60 to 90 questions.

- Time: Candidates are usually given a specific amount of time to complete the exam. The duration can vary depending on the certification provider and exam format, but it is generally around 90 to 120 minutes.

Course Outline:
The SVC-19A certification is designed to assess the knowledge and skills required for providing service and support for Apple products. The course outline may cover the following key areas:

1. Apple Product Line Overview:
- Understanding the different product categories (Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, etc.)
- Identifying key features and specifications of Apple products
- Exploring the latest product releases and updates

2. Customer Experience and Communication:
- Developing effective communication skills with customers
- Providing exceptional customer service and support
- Resolving customer issues and concerns professionally

3. Troubleshooting and Diagnostics:
- Applying systematic troubleshooting methods for Apple products
- Using diagnostic tools and resources effectively
- Identifying common hardware and software issues
- Troubleshooting network connectivity and software configurations

4. Mac Hardware and Software:
- Understanding Mac hardware components and configurations
- Performing basic hardware repairs and upgrades
- Troubleshooting common Mac software issues
- Configuring macOS and managing user accounts

5. iOS Device Hardware and Software:
- Understanding iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch hardware components
- Performing basic repairs and replacements for iOS devices
- Troubleshooting iOS software issues
- Configuring and managing iOS devices

6. Apple Watch and Apple TV:
- Understanding Apple Watch and Apple TV features and functionality
- Troubleshooting common issues with Apple Watch and Apple TV
- Performing basic repairs and troubleshooting for Apple Watch and Apple TV

Exam Objectives:
The objectives of the SVC-19A exam typically include:
- Assessing the candidate's knowledge and understanding of Apple product lines, including hardware and software components.
- Evaluating the candidate's ability to troubleshoot and diagnose issues with Apple products.
- Testing the candidate's knowledge and skills in providing exceptional customer service and support.
- Assessing the candidate's proficiency in performing basic repairs and maintenance tasks for Apple products.

Exam Syllabus:
The specific exam syllabus for the SVC-19A exam may include the following topics:

1. Apple Product Line Overview:
- Mac product line and specifications
- iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch product line and specifications
- Apple Watch features and functionality
- Apple TV features and functionality

2. Customer Experience and Communication:
- Effective communication with customers
- Customer service best practices
- Resolving customer issues and concerns

3. Troubleshooting and Diagnostics:
- Troubleshooting methodologies
- Using diagnostic tools and resources
- Identifying common hardware and software issues

4. Mac Hardware and Software:
- Mac hardware components and configurations
- Basic Mac hardware repairs and upgrades
- Troubleshooting Mac software issues
- macOS configuration and user management

5. iOS Device Hardware and Software:
- iOS device hardware components and configurations
- Basic iOS device repairs and replacements
- Troubleshooting iOS software issues
- iOS device configuration and management

6. Apple Watch and Apple TV:
- Apple Watch features and functionality
- Troubleshooting Apple Watch issues
- Apple TV features and functionality
- Troubleshooting Apple TV issues

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Apple Service study tips


11 tips for setting up your new Apple Watch

It may be small but your Apple Watch is nonetheless powerful and you will get a lot of use of it straight from the box. But, as with lots of similar technology, playing around with the settings can make your device even more useful, so let’s take a look at the things you should be doing once you’ve learned the basics of how to set up your Apple Watch.

Here they take a look at 11 simple tips that, as well as making your device look better, will also make it easier to navigate and ensure that it looks out for your health. Most of these tips will work via the Watch itself whereas some will need you to grab your iPhone. We’ve also looked at some features that are specific to watchOS 10.2.

If you have bought a brand new Apple Watch, you should find all of these tips will work. 

1. Set a photo or protrait as a watch face

(Image: © Future)

While there are a range of Apple Watch faces available to you by default, you might want to personalize your watch a little more. Thankfully, learning how to use a photo as an Apple Watch face is easy. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and tap Face Gallery. Next tap Photos, then select a photo source and choose the photos you want to use. Go back to the My Watch tab and select your Photo. You can also use Portraits as faces. Instead of selecting Photos in the Face Gallery, select Portraits, then repeat the steps above.

2. Set up Siri

(Image: © Future)

Siri works well on the Apple Watch because interacting directly with the small display can be cumbersome at times – issuing verbal commands is much easier. You can determine how Siri is activated, though, if you go to Settings and select Siri. You can choose your action words – either “Hey Siri” or plan “Siri” – and you can toggle Raise to Speak or Press Digital Crown if you would like these methods to call upon Siri too (raise to speak means Siri will start to listen if you bring your Watch close to your mouth).

3. Organize your apps

(Image: © Future)

You may find that the tiny icons on the Apple Watch display are difficult to navigate or that you have big fingers and keep tapping the wrong ones. You can switch from the grid view as it's called to a list view. This shows the apps in a list in alphabetical order allowing you to scroll down and find what you’re after. To do this, open the Settings app and tap App View then select List View. If you don’t like this, then scroll to the bottom of the list and tap Grid View to go back to the previous look.

4. Alter the time apps remain open

(Image: © Future)

One of the most frustrating features of the Apple Watch is how quickly the device returns to your watch face when you have an app open. By default, this is set to two minutes – which starts when your wrist is lowered or the Watch is idle. If you open the Settings app and select General then choose Return to Clock, you can alter this. Choose Always or select After 1 hour or scroll down and customize the clock setting for individual apps.

5. Leave a breadcrumb trail

(Image: © Future)

If you're in a new location and are worried about getting lost, you needn't fear. When you know how to use the Apple Watch backtrack feature, you can leave a digital breadcrumb trail which will allow you to precisely retrace your steps using the Compass app. 

To do this, open the Compass app and tap the feet icon (bottom right) to start backtrack. Alternatively, you can start Backtrack instantly by simply long pressing the side button and sliding right along Compass Backtrack. Now go on an adventure and when ready, hit the pause button on the compass. Tap Retrace Steps and then follow the navigation guidance on the compass.

6. Enable Fall Detection

(Image: © Future)

Fall Detection is available to anyone over 18-years-old and it will automatically switch on if you are aged 55 and over and have entered your age when setting up your Apple Watch or the Health app. If you fear this doesn’t cover you, then turn on Fall Detection manually. For this, you will need to use the Watch app on your iPhone. Launch the Watch app and tap the My Watch tab. Then select Emergency SOS and turn Fall Detection on. You can set it so that it only works during workouts or is always on. If you are in trouble, an alert will sound and your Watch can also call the emergency services.

7. Turn off audio alerts

(Image: © Future)

In general, audio alerts on Apple Watch can become annoying so if you want to stop your wearable from constantly pinging then either lower the volume or switch to Silent Mode and rely on your watch vibrating instead. There are two main ways of doing this. First, you can press the side button to open the Control Center and tap the bell icon. Second, you can open the Settings app on your Apple Watch, select Sounds and Haptics and toggle Silent Mode on. If you then scroll down, you can make sure haptics are active.

8. Monitor any medications

(Image: © Future)

If you are taking medications, you can receive alerts on your Apple Watch as a reminder. To do this, learn how to set up Medications on your iPhone first, then open the Medications app on your Apple Watch. You can tap one of your meds and log it as having been taken or scroll and indicate that it has been skipped. With watchOS 10.2 or later installed, you can also say, “Hey Siri, log my [time] medications as taken”.

9. Set up the handwashing timer

(Image: © Future)

If the Covid pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the need to at least keep their mitts clean. The general advice is that you wash your hands for 20 seconds to remove harmful germs but rather than count manually you can get your Watch to do the hard work for you. Simply launch the Settings app on your Apple Watch and tap Handwashing. Then turn on Handwashing Timer. Your wearable will work out when you are washing your hands and let you know when the 20 seconds is up.

10. Protect your hearing

(Image: © Future)

Your device can also detect sounds and alert you if the environment is too noisy and in danger of damaging your ears. It does so using the Apple Watch’s microphone and you can set the decibel threshold to suit your needs. Just launch the Settings app and select Noise then choose Environmental Sound Measurements. Now turn on Measure Soundsand go back to tap Noise Notifications. Set the decibel level from the list of options and you’re done.

11. Alter the text size

(Image: © Future)

If you are struggling to see your Apple Watch screen, then you may want to enlarge the text. To do so, go to Settings and select Display & Brightness and tap Text Size. Turn the Digital Crown to make the text larger or smaller. If you then go back, you can also choose Bold Text. Words should be much easier to read now.

These aren't all the things you can do with your Apple Watch. They have a huge range or tutorials to help you get the most out of your wearable tech. Why not learn how to use the Apple Watch Double Tap gesture, how to control your Apple Watch with hand gestures and how to manually add a Fitness workout to your Apple Watch.

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Why Does Apple Keep Charging Me? A Complete Guide + What To Do About It

12/28/23 •  10 min read

Does your credit card keep getting charged by Apple? Here’s how to deal with unwanted charges from Apple, check why you’re getting them, and stop them from happening.

🔑 Key Takeaways: Unexpected Apple Charges
  • 🏠 First, ensure no one in your household, especially on a Family Plan, is making charges to your Apple account.
  • 📱 Second, review your Apple subscriptions
  • 📞 Third, if unresolved, contact Apple Support for clarity and assistance on the charge.
  • Need more information about random charges on your account? Read on; this post covers all the main angles and provides actionable advice on how to tackle them.

    Why does Apple keep charging me? It’s something a lot of people wonder when they see a charge come through from Apple on their credit or debit card – or, if you use it, your Apple Card.

    These charges are usually for small amounts, perhaps $2.99 or even 0.99 cents. But they can be for much larger amounts, too, say, $9.99 or even more. And the charges may come weekly but are most likely to occur on a monthly basis.

    Most apps and subscriptions for iPhones run on a monthly basis. Very few run on weekly billing schedules, so it is unlikely you’ll get weekly invoices from in your bank account.

    So what’s going on? Is Apple trying to rip you off? Thankfully, no. Apple isn’t a shady company that tries to get a few bucks from people with fraudulent charges, hoping they won’t notice. The answer as to why you are being charged is very simple (usually). Here’s why you likely keep seeing charges and what you can do about it.

    When you check your bank or credit card statement, a sign that Apple charged you unexpectedly is seeing a line that says “ bill” with the deducted amount.

    This charge could be for a variety of reasons, such as a subscription renewal, an app or media purchase, or even an accidental in-app purchase.

    It’s essential to regularly monitor your financial statements to catch any unexpected charges promptly. If you come across an “ bill” that you don’t recognize, the first step is to cross-reference the charge with your recent purchases on the App Store, iTunes, or any other Apple service.

    Apple provides a detailed transaction history that can help you identify the source of the charge.

    If the charge remains unclear after reviewing your Apple transaction history, it’s advisable to contact Apple Support directly. They can provide insights into the specific transaction and assist in resolving any billing discrepancies.

    Additionally, for future protection, consider setting up purchase confirmations or parental controls on your Apple devices to prevent unintended purchases. Remember, staying vigilant and proactive about your finances can save you from potential headaches down the line.

    What is Apple.Com Bill?

    Apple uses bill as its email invoice service; when you order something – a phone, iCloud storage, or an app subscription, an invoice is generated by Apple and sent via bill.

    If you get an invoice for something from bill, it means you HAVE bought something – and that something could be an app, an in-app purchase, a movie, a TV show, an e-book, or a subscription to an Apple service or a third-party service you subscribed to through iOS.

    Seeing “” on your bill isn’t a problem if you are expecting it. But what if you don’t expect it? A few things could be the issue. 

    What’s Causing My Unknown Apple Charges? Why Does Apple Keep Charging Me? A Complete Guide + What To Do About It Pin

    There are a few reasons why you are getting billed by Apple. Believe it or not, Apple usually isn’t at fault. So then, what is causing your unknown bills from Apple? These are the likely culprits:

  • A child or other family member is making App Store or iTunes Store purchases without your knowledge. Often, this is the #1 reason people see unknown charges from Apple on their statements. If you have a Family Plan set up, the family members on your plan can make purchases on their devices that are then charged to your account. Talk to your children or other family members to see if this is the case.
  • Someone has access to your Apple ID. And if they do, they may be logged into it on their phone and racking up bills for apps or content while they get to enjoy it all.
  • MOST LIKELY: You have a recurring subscription that you forgot to cancel, and it’s charging you weekly or monthly. This recurring subscription is likely from an in-app purchase that you forgot about. You may have signed up for a free trial in an app that then converted to a monthly subscription when the trial ended, or you may have subscribed to an app and forgot to cancel it.
  • What Do I Do If I’m Getting Unknown Charges From Apple?

    These are some things you can do if you’re getting unknown charging from Apple:

  • Check your Emails
  • Check Your Apple Subscriptions
  • Check Your Apple Subscriptions
  • Check Your Purchase History
  • Contact Apple Support
  • Let’s review each of these. 

    1. Checking Your Emails

    Take a moment to review your email. This serves as the initial and simplest step in solving the mystery. Apple consistently provides a comprehensive invoice for each charge associated with or on your account. Access the email connected to your Apple ID, and conduct a search using the charge date, the sender (Apple), or simply the keyword “invoice.”

    It’s important to mention that Apple has recently introduced the option to opt out of receiving subscription renewal emails. You might have accidentally changed this setting, causing the notifications to stop. 

    To ensure the continuance of renewal emails, navigate to “Settings,” go to Apple ID > Subscriptions, and activate the toggle switch next to “Renewal Receipts” if it happens to be deactivated.

    2. Checking With Your Household Members

    Make sure no one in your household is charging things to your Apple account. This could likely be the case if you are sharing a Family Plan. This is also the likeliest case if the charges are irregular (which suggests in-app purchases in games).

    If you’re an Organizer of a joined account, keep an eye out for charges from fellow members. If you spot an Apple iTunes com bill charge that seems unfamiliar, check in with your family to see if they can identify it. For families with little ones, consider activating the Ask to Buy feature to ensure permission is granted before any purchases are made.

    3. Checking Your Apple Subscriptions

    The third thing you should do is check your current Apple subscriptions. This will show subscriptions from Apple (such as Apple Arcade or Apple TV+) and will also show you third-party subscriptions, like those you signed up for via an app. 

    To check your subscriptions on your iPhone or iPad:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap your name at the top of Settings.
  • Tap Subscriptions.
  • Here, you will see a list of all your current and past subscriptions. Look in the Active list to see all the subscriptions you are currently being billed for.
  • If you see a subscription, you no longer want to be billed for tap on it.
  • On the next screen, tap Cancel Subscription (you can read more about canceling a subscription here).
  • For Mac users wanting to inspect their Apple subscriptions, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Mac App Store and choose your account name in the lower-left corner.
  • Go to “View Information” positioned near the top of the window.
  • In the appearing popup, scroll to the “Subscriptions” section and hit “Manage.”
  • Click on “Edit” to access additional details about a subscription. If needed, you can cancel a subscription directly from the details screen.
  • 4. Checking Your Purchase History on iPhone

    If you received an unexpected bill from Apple, which has been known to happen but is pretty rare these days, one of the quickest ways to confirm whether or not you did sign up and/or buy the item is to check your iPhone – or iPad’s – purchase history. 

    Here’s how to check your purchase history on iPhone (and iPad):

  • Go to Settings > Your Name > iTunes & App Store
  • Tap Apple ID account, then tap View Apple ID
  • Enter your ID password to sign in
  • Scroll down to Purchase History
  • Select any purchase to view or resend its invoice
  • To review your media purchases on a Mac or PC, follow these simple steps:

  • Launch iTunes or the Apple Music app.
  • Navigate to the menu bar, select “Account,” and then click on “View My Account”.
  • Navigate to the “Purchase History” section by scrolling down and selecting “See All.” A chronological list of your Apple media purchases will appear. You have the option to sort them by purchase date, view specific time periods, or match charges with your credit card.
  • Inside here, you’ll be able to see all of your purchases. If you don’t see the app or service you’re being billed for, it means Apple has made a mistake and charged you for something you didn’t buy. If it is there, but you don’t recall buying it, perhaps someone else in your home did? Your spouse or children, perhaps?

    5. Contacting Apple Support

    If the initial steps don’t resolve your issue, the next course of action is to reach out to Apple support. They can pinpoint the charge in question, explain its origin, and are equipped to cancel it.

    Here’s what you can try:

  • Visit, which serves as Apple’s platform for issue resolution. Apart from checking your purchase history, sign in with your Apple ID and input the charge amount from your bank statement into the Search box.
  • If the above steps prove unfruitful, contact Apple Support. This should be your final option if you’re struggling to locate a charge from using the methods outlined earlier.
  • It might be possible that someone made a purchase using your card. If you think your card is in trouble, contact your bank to stop the card and cancel any suspicious purchases. But do this as a last step, after checking your account statements and Apple Store history.

    Sorting Out Unexpected Apple Charges: Final Words

    As you can see, there are many reasons why Apple is unexpectedly charging your credit card. If you have more than one Apple device or use different services, it’s easy to lose track of your Apple bill charges. It’s common to feel confused and lose count in such cases.

    Overall, check if you’ve forgotten some subscriptions or if someone in your Family is unknowingly using some service you’re unaware of. Also, consider contacting Apple’s customer support. 

    If everything else falls short, reach out to your credit card company, but consider this as your final option after completing the earlier steps. If you didn’t buy the service but someone else did, your next step is to cancel the subscription and – if you think you have grounds – put a claim into Apple to get a refund.

    Michael Grothaus

    Michael Grothaus is an American author and journalist with a flair for exploring the intersection of technology, creativity, and digital culture. With a background in film, journalism, and creative writing, he brings a unique perspective to the world of mobile technology. His work has been featured in renowned publications like Fast Company, The Guardian, and Engadget. At KnowYourMobile, Michael leverages his extensive knowledge to guide readers through the complexities of mobile devices, helping them make informed choices in the fast-paced tech landscape.

    $16B: How Much Apple Suppliers Have Reportedly Spent To Cut Chinese Dependence

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